Saturday, February 22, 2014

About the girl squashed in my driveway

One of the last instructions my wife gave me was to make sure to keep good care of our Pup and give her fresh water.

For the last few years, me n PuppyDog lived alone in the country. To visit with people we went to town or to Hocking Hills and take photos of anyone who would stand still. She would wag her tail, bounce around and make people pet her. The pup was a great ambassador to make friends... n I loved people who made her tail wag.

I noticed her licking her paw and tried to see if she had something stuck in it, but nope, so I took her to the vet .. x-ray, bad news.

As long as she was bouncing and ready to go get pets I knew I would find a way to take her, so I bought the biggest Red Wagon made.

When I opened it and got ready to put it together, I knew it was too small :(

Too much dog to fit in the wagon:

The next plan was to do away with the bed and use the parts, building a plywood bed for it.

People I grew up with are pretty well gone or in bad shape and I didn't have the tools I needed to finish the job, but in the last couple years someone went out of their way to be super nice to me. Bringing me n PuppyDog stuff at Christmas n Easter.. leaving it at our door like an elf n leaving :)

They know lots of people so I asked em if there was someone they knew who I could hire to get the job done.

Penni (that is the girl's name.. me n Puppy's fb pal) said she would get back to me in a little bit, so I started my exercises n checked the computer.
Later I took the Pup out to the pot and heard someone yelling Buddy.
I couldn't see anyone, I thought it was a neighbor girl who lost her dog that had my name.. but they kept on yelling pretty frantic.

I walked out toward the road and saw it was Penni, squashed under the back of her car.

With out me having a clue, Penni was bringing PuppyDog a big yellow wagon so I could take her to Hocking Hills and get pets.
She had been laying out there for about an hour, yelling with no one hearing her.
I didn't know what to do, I knew I couldn't push it up the hill by myself or with help.
First I stopped the mail man, he didn't have a cell phone and I didn't know how to use mine to call 911. I dumped Penni's hand bag and she dialed for us while pinned under the back wheel.

Next I yelled at a neighbor guy who was in his yard with his little boy (I think) and he came over to help us.

At last I caught a guy going up the lane to visit a neighbor who just got home from the hospital .. me, don't know what I said but we came up with a plan.

"After we all posed for this pic".. 
* One guy held a tire between our bumpers
* One guy got in Penni's car and put it in drive.
* I pushed with the Jeep
* And one of the guys pulled Penni out.

As soon as the neighbor pulled her out.. then the emergency guys came. 

I was riding the clutch.. smoking it, I didn't wanna slide over and be the next to run over her.

I never talked to any of those guys before, I know none of em would want to be thanked, but it is something I need to say..

Afraid no one would find her, if I didn't take the Pup out, only one of her family who missed her would have began the search.

A day earlier it would have been in the teens.. and to boot her super cool shirt was shredded, so I figure a shirt that says thanks might be OK.

In the last few years we have collected hundreds of photos not only on my camera but lots of time, we take em for people so all their family/friends can be in the pics.

People often ask where is the barrel, how cute PuppyDog is in the wagon or she should be pulling me.
Not supposed to but sometimes let her get out and she hops around wagging her tail attacking every one to get pets. The wagon is there when we need it. We can't get down the steps any more but it looks like we will have some time to get lots more pets n PHOTOS in the next .. not sure how long.
Thanks to our Pal Penni ...

Thanks guys who were there to rescue a really nice girl, hope you get to meet her some day :)

When I knew PuppyDog only had a short time I searched for another baby to rescue me from being alone.
I had Kookie for about a month before the end and collected a few clips of them together 

I usually just see people once but I met a girl at Ash Cave that took one of my favorite pics with PuppyDog.

I have bumped into her now n then through the years :)

Kelly the girl who took our pic .. some years later that I am writing this part.

Going to Old Man's Cave with some park dwellers, when we got there some guy fell and the rangers passed us carrying him out (didn't make it)

At Ash Cave where I asked Kelly if I could take her pic and she took mine.. carrying a baby boy :)

Another time I goofed up taking a wrong trail and on the way back, thought I would stop in and get some ranger pics.

Then is when I put it together, one of the rangers carrying the guy, girl with the little boy and one of the rangers in the office was Kelly.. n saw her a couple more times after that.

Seeing she was gonna have a baby I left a present for her at the station (moved to another job).

This spring Kelly posted this info .. so if you need someone to root for.. this is my pal Kelly

Kelly the photographer... does great photos at Hocking Hills, the milky way, weddings, senior pics.. if you are around Athens or Hocking county .. check out her pics.

Penni is moving from our home turf to Virginia Beach ... Last pics on Mount Pleasant .. Take care of our pal when you meet her .. 

PuppyDog was lost in 2015 but before I got another monster to save me from being alone.
A couple months ago Kookie started having seizures and the vet gave some meds that appear to stop em.
Compassionate people n Puppies has made my life much better .